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Wikipedia covers just about everything and Christmas Lights are no exception.
How do Christmas Lights Work - In Deep Detail
Being an electrical engineer forces me to have a different perspective on most things resulting in my appreciation for this web site's attempt to explain in gory detail just what makes your little lights expel visible energy. They even explain electrons do not move at the speed of light despite what text books tell... ooorah.
Network Outage Monitoring
What do cronjobs, Network Administration and Christmas Lights have in common. Usually nothing, but these Rutgers folks have managed to blend them together. Fun with networks never looked so, well, festive. CYA in a new way... ooorah.
Not Enough Lights
Interesting site all about musical light displays.
Christmas Lights Flashing to Mannheim Steamroller
2003 Christmas Display Truly Synchronized To Music Mannheim Steamroller "God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen"
How to Buy Outdoor Christmas Lights
It is time to deck out your trees, shrubs, windows and eaves with hundreds (or thousands) of outdoor Christmas lights? Here's some guidance for buying the right product.
Hoax Christmas Light Web Control - Might be real now.
Interesting web site that alleges web control over lights. Donations are asked for Celiac Disease making this, perhaps, more than a hoax.
The "Classic" Musically Synced Lights
These are the inspirational house decorations syncronized to Mannheim Steamroller's "Wizards in Winter." A lot of fun. Carson Williams uses Light-O-Rama equipment to make this a reality. I love the lights and I love the song. Electrical Engineers rule.
How Christmas Lights Work
Christmas past and present are covered nicely in this HOWSTUFFWORKS entry.
Christmas Lights, Etc.
Wholesale and Retail supplier of Christmas lights of all kinds plus other decorations.
Christmas Lights, Decorations and More
Pagans, untangling wire, gingerbread and, of course, lights are covered on this site. Cool enough to be added to this list.
Ugly Christmas Lights . Com
Houses where the residents are likely celebrating a happy holiday, but have no sense of decency in how they choose to celebrate. Shown is the garish, the ugly, the weird.
Flashing Xmas lights down DSL connection
Dodgy Christmas lights are being blamed for knocking over broadband connections, with imported flashing lights that don't meet UK electrical standards fingered as the worst offenders.
Outdoor Advent Wreath
How to make an illuminated outdoor Advent Wreath to countdown the Sundays to Christmas. Yours truly thinks this site will help put a little Christ back into Christmas. Tomato stakes, lights, 7 1/2 watt bulbs and a bunch of cords combine to make this possible.
Antique Christmas Lights Museum
The Antique Christmas Lights Museum, where you'll find information about the development of electric Christmas lighting in America during the 1900-1950 time period, the years this collector considers to be the Golden Age of electric Christmas lighting.
Ultimate Christmas Light - Star of Bethlehem
A useful site showing how Astrology and Christianity were linked at least one time in history.
Christmas Lights and How to Fix Them
Well, the way I typically fix Christmas lights these days is to throw them in the trash and buy new. However, this site explains in some detail how to fix them.

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